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Inigo Surio aka DJ Largo/ A film by ValdesKo AKA Vladislav Kolev

The story behind public appearances, glamor and glitz that surrounds the life of the DJ is told by the man himself: DJ Largo aka Inigo Surio. One of the first few DJ's to influence the international dance-floors with the Minimal electronic sound, and who continues to bring to live in his sets a distinct fusion of addictive melodies and beats, that will go on to influence the next big soundtrack of the European dance community. As one of the few true underground DJ's who still enjoys the life performance just as he did when he first began playing, Inigo Surio talks about his life experience and work behind the decks and the freedom brought about the development of live music performance technology that allow him to express and share his emotion with his audience. His profound knowledge of music, trends and culture and the skill to read the emotions of his audience makes him a truly versatile performer able to create out of his gigs an unforgettable spiritual experience. Today technology allows everyone to call themselves a 'DJ' and express their emotions trough music. However only few who have devoted their lives to music and live performance posses the talent, skills and life philosophy that enables them to engage, unite and elevate their audiences wherever they play around the world.  In the face of DJ Largo we see a man who continues to challenge the mainstream sound with his own personal style that maximises the chances of chance sampling adding an element of surprise.

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